Square Video by "That Kid For Hire"

Do You Need A Square Video?

Square Videos Are The Internet's Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Just think for a minute about: 

 ... Starsky & Hutch

 ... Batman & Robin 

 ... Peanut Butter & Jelly

 ... Jay Z & Beyonce

 ... Biscuits & Gravy

 ... Working from home & Leggings

Some things just go perfectly together. Am I right? 

Introducing The World's Newest Power Duo...

Content Creators & Square Video

Here's Why Content Creators Are Obsessed With Square Videos (and why you should be too) 

  •  Attention-Grabbing
  •  Fills The Screen More
  •  Perfect Across All Platforms
  •  Gets More Engagement
  •  Optimized for Mobile 
  • Scroll-Stopping Power

  •  Costs Less To Advertise
  •  Gets More Views  
  •  Invokes Curiosity

Examples: How to Use Square Videos

Headline Style 

Give them the gist up front. People don’t want to commit to watching video unless they know what it’s about. 

You could have the best video in the world, but if people don’t watch it’s useless. This style sums it up, and can also create curiosity, just like the power of a good headline. 

Meme Style 

Make your content go viral. Everybody loves to laugh & share fun videos with all who can relate. 

TIP: A meme like this can be used for top-of-the-funnel campaigns to build custom audiences of people addicted to your products or niche who you can retarget later.

(Hint: Who do you think would like & share this? And who do you think would get tagged in this? Someone who’s addicted to BUYING makeup!) 

Reason-To-Watch Style

Draw attention to specific benefits or “must-see” parts.

Since most people scroll the newsfeed fast, and initially watch all videos on mute, this helps “stop the scroll” by highlighting a good reason to watch. 

No Header or Footer Style  

Simple-yet-powerful way to use up more real estate in the newsfeed. This is a good option when your "creativity tank" is running low (you know the feeling).

Whatever your video is, just make it square. The gorgeous format works perfectly across all platforms without having to re-create or re-size your content for different marketing channels.

Bandwagon Effect Style 

Create a buying frenzy. The perfect style for eCommerce

How do you think products get hot? Ever seen square videos that say “take my money” or “OMG! I need this”? 

The third-party social proof vibe removes yucky feelings of “being sold to” while maintaining necessary hype. It feels as though “other people” and “everybody” is really into this hot new product (Newsflash: the product marketers are the ones who created the video!)  

Soft-Sell & Social Proof Style 

Make your pitches fun. Overcome objections with humor. Indirectly remind people of the reasons they should buy.  

You can put headline text over testimonial videos to make them stand out and get watched. Or make meme videos showing the feeling people have when they get results from your product or service (or the feeling they’d have for missing out).  

We Are In The Midst Of A Square Video Revolution

But don't just take my word for it... 

Even Facebook themselves specifically recommend using square videos... 

Make no bones about it, good 'ol Zucky says square video is where it's at.

But here's the thing... 

Your phone or camera doesn't record square videos.

(hint-hint: which is why you need me to make them square for you)

And if you're not really swayed by anything 'Zucky' has to say, check these stats*

  • Square videos take up 78% more real estate in the mobile newsfeed than the boring 'old school' videos your phone and camera plop out...
  • More than 92% of Facebook users access it via mobile devices, making it oh-so-important to be optimize for mobile (ahem, with a square video)
  •  Square video gets 30-35% more video views, and 80-100% more engagement 
  • It costs 7.5% less to get someone to engage with square video on Facebook (and costs a whopping 33% less on Instagram)

*Source of stats are from a study done by Buffer Social

It's Easy To See...

Square Videos Are Your Winning-Ticket To More Views, Engagement & Cash

Answers To Your Lingering Questions 

What kind of videos can you make for me? 

I do not make videos for you from scratch. Here are the things that I can do. 

  • I take your videos and change them into a square format, instead of a rectangle. I can also add words at the top and/or bottom. (Don't forget, I'm only 6 years old, and this is the only skill my mom taught me, so far).
  • If you want a "meme style" video, I can make a short clip from any famous tv/movie scene and put words at the top and/or bottom (Example seen below) 
  • And I can also make a split screen before/after meme style video, either side by side, or top and bottom. (Example seen below)

Hint: When the clip is under 30 seconds, it automatically loops on Facebook

What do you need from me to get started?

I just need your video file, and I need to know what words you want (if any). 

For the "meme style" videos, you just need to tell me what movie it is, and what scene it is. If you can give me a youtube link to the specific scene, that's even better, so my mom doesn't become the bottleneck of my operation, LOL (because I can't look up stuff on YouTube yet) 

PS >> After you place your order, I've got a handy-dandy order form that I will send you, which makes it super easy to tell me exactly what you want, and and to know exactly what to give me.

Where can I use my square videos? 

The beautiful thing is that square videos work across all platforms. You can use them in your top-of-funnel awareness campaigns, viral engagement campaigns, direct response campaigns, retargeting campaigns (my moms fav)... and even embed them into a blog, or post in Facebook groups to keep things personal, light & fun!

Who are square videos for?

Anyone who creates content, and wants to leverage it for more views, engagement & cash.

It's perfect for eCommerce, Coaches, Consultants, Realtors, Restaurants, Churches, Service-Based Businesses, Influencers, Public Figures, and even mega-media publishers. If you have videos to use, you need to hire me to make them square!

Do you take Bitcoin, LiteCoin or Etherium?

My mom wouldn't let me start this business unless I listened to her talk for hours about life, money & business lessons. She taught me about using my money to give back to the community, and also taught me how imporant it is to invest (even though I don't understand too much about it yet). 

So yes, I accept those three cryptocurrencies. 

To pay via crypto, send my Dad a private message on Facebook, and he'll give you the address to my CoinBase Wallet.

  • If you're on mobile click this link to go straight to Messenger
  • If you're on desktop, click this link to go to my Dad's Facebook page where you can click "message"